In the context that the whole country is promoting digital transformation, building a smart city is a goal in urban infrastructure planning and management. Map4D provides complete and accurate data on the basis of combining 2D and 3D maps in real time, promoting the process of building a smart city quickly and efficiently, meeting the modern life of children. people as well as the general development of society as a whole.


  • What is Map4D?
  • What is urban planning?
  • What is urban technical infrastructure? 
  • Map4D is an efficient and cost-effective urban infrastructure planning and management platform
  • Step by step building and developing smart city

What is Map4D?

Map4D is the first and only digital map in Vietnam using real-time 3D and 4D maps. In other words, Map4D provides 3D images under an intuitive, vivid coordinate system, helping users see the change of an object over time.



Map 4D displays intuitive, vivid 3D images in real time

What is urban planning?

Urban planning is the organization of space, architecture, urban landscape, system of technical infrastructure works, social infrastructure works and houses to create a suitable living environment for people living in urban areas. expressed through urban planning projects.

Urban planning helps socio-economic development of the whole country, a region, province, district or region.

What is urban technical infrastructure?

Urban technical infrastructure is a collection of design and construction works, technical equipment of urban areas - urban transport systems, supply of domestic water, surface water drainage, and dirty water drainage. , power supply, communication lines, gas supply, faecal and garbage treatment, etc. These technical equipment systems are intended to ensure comfort in daily life and production of urban communities.

Map4D is an efficient and cost-effective urban infrastructure planning and management platform

With modern technology integrated in Map4D such as AI, VR, AI, IoT, Machine Learning... analysis based on multiple layers of data, providing all necessary parameters in planning.



With just a few "touches", users will get all the data they want on Map4D


Intuitive and detailed 3D images thanks to the VR 360 application and Smart Camera help analysts and investors have an overview of the area or the plans that have taken place, thereby orienting the right development. . Map4D gathers data, deeply analyzes information and returns results for activities in urban infrastructure planning and management towards smart city development.



4D digital map provides complete and accurate data to support urban infrastructure planning and management

  • Residential residential area
  • Office commercial area
  • Retail mall or highway complex
  • The industrial zone has factories and heavy industry production units
  • Farmland for farming
  • Public and semi-public land in infrastructure development
  • Public parks and playgrounds, green open spaces
  • Mixed land for urbanization development

Going deep and closely with the support of digital maps for each of the above specific activities, making the planning and management process simpler and more effective.

Step by step building and developing smart city

Smart city is a higher goal of urban planning and has been clearly outlined by the Government in the digital transformation. To achieve the goal, effective application of technology is a prerequisite.

Map4D allows quick information retrieval through just a few simple operations on Smartphone or PC, maximum support in data analysis and management activities.



One of the goals of national digital transformation is smart city development


Images are taken at every location from outdoor space to every corner of a building using 3D images to support zoning and urban planning for good land management. At the same time, based on the planned zoning plan, the Government can prevent rampant construction, loss of control as well as illegal profiteering.

Through Map4D, the database of construction works, transportation system, technical infrastructure, trees, sewer system... is fully displayed in a realistic way. Collected and analyzed results from Map4D are an effective "advisor" to support the Government and Investors in urban planning and management towards smart city development.

The application of information technology, typically Map4D, in urban planning has become a trend. Accurate and effective application towards building and developing smart cities is the goal of all levels of government. This is the driving force behind socio-economic development.

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