What is GIS? Application of GIS . technology digital map solution

GIS technology digital map solution is applied in many different fields. Create smart maps, visualize information and easily manage operations. Individuals or businesses can make better and wiser decisions. 

What is GIS technology? 

GIS Geographic Information Systems is an organized collection technology for mapping. Including: computer hardware and software systems, storing and manipulating geographic data, capturing, updating, analyzing, controlling and displaying information about things and events related to location. geography on Earth. 

GIS technology has been known since the early years of the 20th century. This technology has changed the speed of geographical information with 2 important advantages compared to paper maps: 

  • Easily access and update geospatial information. 
  • Efficiently aggregate underlying data and combine them together. 

GIS is applied in many different fields such as shared digital maps, urban management, commerce, traffic, planning, military... 

GIS là gì. Giải pháp bản đồ số công nghệ GIS
What is GIS. GIS technology digital map solution

Benefits of GIS . technology digital map solution 

Locate, navigate, move 

GIS technology is a very important feature for digital maps. Help us to locate the current position, find the way to move. Besides, tracking projects, assets or objects on digital maps is convenient and fast. 

Monitor weather issues 

GIS provides spatially related information. Therefore, it is possible to update weather issues such as sunshine, rain, storms, natural disasters, etc. 

And for the Map4D digital map solution, you also track the route with the current weather situation. From there choose the most convenient transportation route. 

Make effective business decisions 

GIS technology is also a tool to help businesses choose potential business locations. With the development of current technology, geomarketing was born with the support of GIS. Enterprises can analyze, evaluate and operate development at the potential location. Make effective and realistic business decisions. 

Giải pháp bản đồ số công nghệ GIS - Marketing địa lý - Đưa ra các quyết định kinh doanh hiệu quả
GIS digital map solution – Geographic marketing – Make effective business decisions

Improve productivity and reduce costs 

GIS technology with strict operational management features. Thereby bringing high business performance. Easy control and best cost optimization. 

Improve service and increase sales 

Understanding customers and providing them with solutions with the best service is the best way to retain customers and create trust with businesses. GIS technology with digital mapping solution helps to accurately track good selling points. From there, identify customers and plan better customer retention care. This is how GIS helps businesses increase sales and enhance business services. 

Application of GIS . technology digital map solution 

Industry and manufacturing 

GIS is used to manage and analyze data about places. Includes search for manufacturing locations, market data analysis, and supply chain management. 


Used to analyze and manage medical data. Includes disease surveillance, public health status analysis, and healthcare system management. 

Tourism and hotel industry 

GIS is used to manage and analyze data about tourist sites. Including tourism market analysis and hotel and restaurant system management. 

Urban management 

GIS is used to monitor, manage and analyze urban data. Including street management, water supply and telecommunications systems, waste management and environmental management. 

Ứng dụng của giải pháp bản đồ số công nghệ GIS trong quản lý đô thị
Application of GIS technology digital map solution in urban management

Land resource management 

GIS helps to manage and analyze land information. Includes land use management, soil sustainability analysis and mineral resource exploration. 

Environmental Management 

Used to monitor and analyze data about the environment. Includes air quality analysis, disaster risk assessment, and natural resource extraction. 

In short 

GIS is a very important technology, a digital mapping solution in geographical information management and can be used in many different fields to improve management efficiency and decision making. 

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