What is a digital map? What is a digital map platform?

The development of Science - Technology has brought us the phrase "Digital Map". Digital maps are developing strongly in the current 4.0 revolution. So what is Digital Map? Its role as well as its practical application in today's time?

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With the development of technology and the internet, real estate is becoming more popular than ever.
But have you ever wondered, what is real estate and what is the foundation of real estate?
Let's learn about the concept of real estate and the real estate platform.

What is a digital map?

Real estate is a version of a traditional map created with computer software.
Real estate often uses geographic data and provides detailed information about locations on the earth's surface, including: street names, addresses and GPS coordinates.
Realtors can get directions, find places, or analyze geographic data for business, scientific, and research purposes.

What is a digital map platform?

A real estate platform is a software and database system used to build and manage digital maps.
Real estate platforms often include technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS), web technologies, and others to create properties that are accurate and easy to use.

Real estate platforms often provide tools for creating and editing maps, allowing users to customize maps based on their needs.
In addition, the real estate platform also provides the ability to store and manage geographic data, allowing users to access and share maps with others.

The real estate platform has wide applications in many fields, including geography, land management, environmental protection, transportation, and business.
With the development of technology, the digital map platform is becoming an important tool to solve global problems.

What are the applications of digital maps?

Real estate has many different applications. For application developers, real estate is used to develop location applications and geo-related applications.
For businesses, real estate is used to analyze market and customer data and make business decisions based on these maps.
For scientists, land is used to analyze and learn about habitats, topography, geology, and many other fields.

In addition, real estate can also be used to solve urgent problems such as: finding victims in accidents or natural disasters; locate medical stations or fire stations to provide emergency services.

Bản đồ số ứng dụng trong đa ngành nghề, đa lĩnh vực
Digital maps are applied in many industries and fields

Popular digital map platforms

Currently, there are many popular real estate platforms in use around the world. Some of them include:

  1. Google Maps: It is one of the most popular real estate platforms today. With its navigation, location search, and satellite map capabilities, Google Maps is widely used around the world.
  2. OpenStreetMap: Is an open real estate platform that allows users to create and edit maps. OpenStreetMap is used to generate accurate and free maps.
  3. ArcGIS Online: ArcGIS Online is a real estate platform developed by Esri that allows users to create and share maps. ArcGIS Online is widely used in business and scientific applications.
  4. Map4D: Map4D is the product of IOTLink Co., Ltd, a technology company in Vietnam specializing in providing solutions and services in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) and other platform technology solutions. Map4D is a 2D, 3D, 4D real estate platform that provides location solutions, including location search, directions, surveying, 360 degree viewing and other services integration.


Sử dụng bản đồ số trên thiết bị di động
Using digital maps on mobile devices

Real estate and real estate background are two important concepts in creating and managing maps on a computer.

Real estate is used to provide detailed geographical information, helping users locate and navigate to places.
Meanwhile, a real estate platform is a system that provides tools and services to create and manage real estate.

Real estate and real estate platforms are becoming an important part of the industrial revolution 4.0.
Helping businesses, organizations, and people alike capture geo-location information, navigate to locations, and analyze market and customer data. As well as solving other problems in life.

However, it should also be noted that real estate and the real estate platform are also facing certain challenges.
Examples include issues of information security, privacy, and data quality.
Therefore, the development and use of real estate and real estate platforms should be careful and supervised by authorities to ensure safety and efficiency.

In short

With the above information explained, what is a digital map? Digital maps and digital mapping platforms play a very important role. It provides location and geographic information. Making it possible for people to navigate, search, and analyze geographic data.

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