Agricultural Management

Map4D contributes to the successful construction of agricultural digital maps

Choosing the right technology platform is the premise in building digital agricultural maps. And gather database on crops, livestock and aquatic products.

Map4D is a technology platform built on the basis of 2D, 3D, 4D . maps display images in real time, meeting the requirements of building a complete and accurate digital agricultural map of Vietnam with high security.

The role of Map4D in digital agriculture development

  • Allows connection with many technology applications, serving management and operation activities
  • Mapping agriculture with full necessary database, supporting effective agricultural planning, increasing productivity, reducing time and cost
  • Determine the environmental, climate and soil conditions of each area
  • Good control over real-time processes from harvesting, packing, shipping to reaching the consumer

Switching arguments in agriculture is an inevitable need that no one can go against. It is important to choose the right technology platform, allowing the integration of applications on the same platform, easy management, operation and practical application.

  • Displays information about the basic managed object.
  • Display of land plots of cropping areas on digital and satellite maps.
  • Statistics on planting area of each cooperative, land plot, region, type of crop.
  • Relevant reports on area, type, productivity, output, investment value, etc.
High-tech agriculture in Ben Tre
Map4D - Bản đồ quy hoạch đô thị thông minh

Agricultural Management No. Ben Tre

- Farmers race to raise and plant according to the season
=> Supply outstrips demand.

- Inadequacies and limitations in disease prevention, control and control
=> Difficult to control and operate.

- Resources to promote and advertise agricultural products are still low, not enough to spread
=> The source of agricultural products is in stock, "the harvest is depreciated".

- The management of many manual steps takes a lot of time
=> Difficult to manage and prone to errors.

>>> So how to best manage and control agriculture?