quản lý khu cụm công nghiệp

In industrial zones and clusters, there are many different infrastructure items. Each infrastructure group contains a large number of associated assets. How do managers know the exact amount, location, condition of damage, […]


quản ly hạ tầng - viễn thông thụ động

Infrastructure management - Passive telecommunications on Map4D Platform If looking for customers, offering projects for sale is the most important thing that decides the survival of a real estate business. The after-sales stage plays the role of creating prestige and trust for [...]

Agricultural Management

Map4D contributes to the successful construction of agricultural digital maps Selecting the right technology platform is a premise in building digital agricultural maps. And gather database on crops, livestock and aquatic products. Map4D is a technology platform built on […]

Urban planning

Map4D - Giải pháp quy hoạch đô thị và phát triển đô thị thông minh

Smart urban planning with Map4D Smart city is understood as an urban development on the basis of advanced science and technology. Create more new services and make better use of the database towards the ultimate goal of prosperity, sustainability and […]



Map4D's 13 sets of APIs/SDKs Popular application APIs/SDKs in the fields of: real estate, chain stores, local management, logistics, forwarding, etc. Route Direction: Used for intelligent directions from the point of departure delivered to where it needs to be. Route Estimated Time Of Arrival: Provides […]