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In industrial zones and clusters, there are many different infrastructure items. Each infrastructure group contains a large number of associated assets. How do managers know exactly the number, location, damage situation, warranty history, maintenance... of those objects?

Map4D is a 2D, 3D, 4D digital map platform that helps businesses reproduce objects on the map accurately, intuitively and vividly.

It has not stopped here, Map4D contains multiple data layers. And integrated with modern technologies to easily develop new applications on demand. For asset management, Map4D will develop applications that display detailed information about objects. Quickly detect problems, from which to have a timely solution.

  • Technical infrastructure management.
  • Management of the operation of the Industrial Cluster.
  • Planning management of industrial clusters.
  • Introduce the current planning status to the investor.

Is the first and only Vietnamese pure 2D, 3D, 4D digital map platform in Vietnam. Map4D is not only a map application but also a digital technology platform with high applicability and scalability. Map4D platform is integrated with the most modern technology. Meeting the needs of businesses using maps in business.