On the afternoon of May 9 in Hanoi, Deputy Minister of Construction Le Quang Hung had a meeting with IOT Link Company on technology application in the field of construction. At the meeting, there were Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Vu Minh Tri - Vice President in charge of technology.

Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung worked with IOTLink Company.

IOT technology is summarized as a real-time 3D map, built from separate data layers, ready to connect IOT and capable of aggregate analysis of data from different layers. The target audience of this technology is enterprises, state management agencies and customers.

IOT Link technology for government makes searching easier, search information is diverse in coordinates, parcels, uses, specifications and can expand the search information. Diversifying information retrieval helps to look up historical information of land plots, compare State and market prices. The core technology is the only 3D MAP in Vietnam using specialized OpenGL display technology for 3D games, developed in many layers, have the ability to fully integrate existing databases for data BI analysis. The value brought ensures high security, can be applied in many different fields, bringing great value to the community and society. That advantage is also the ability to upgrade and expand quickly.

Provide planning tools and visual management on 3D Map to help people visually see the planning around their land plot in the future. The provision of information about utilities supports the function of viewing the surrounding utilities by layer, which can note the surrounding traffic hotspots. Analysis of infrastructure and social indicators provides indicators on population, working age, total number of trees, total number of hospitals and clinics. In addition, the software also helps in land management and environmental management.

Prof. Dang Hung Vo said: This software should be tested in a certain area because of its new approach compared to previous software and it has the ability to update information quickly. Business applications also help change the way of management in real time, this is an idea to help Vietnam take the initiative and be at the forefront of 4.0 technology.

Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung welcomed the technology of IOT Company, which is a tool that can connect a lot of data and in the field of construction, specifically, construction design has 2 main areas: design and operation of works. BIM creates productivity, saves costs. For urban management is the category of urban management and development and the Ministry of Construction is submitting a smart city project, in order to apply this technology to construction management, there will be specific documents to increase the efficiency of the project. more effective then will continue to share to people.

Ha Dao – Construction Newspaper

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