An era where information is shared endlessly and is available at the fingertips, with a dizzying speed of just one touch, if we do not change to keep up with the times, we will be left behind. …

Digital transformation has been appearing in every corner of industries, in which logistics is the industry that sees its greatest influence, all logistics units are transforming to catch up with the 4.0 technology era. , so what effect does digital transformation have in the transport industry?

1. Easily optimize your process: All information is analyzed to make it available to technicians and owners to make it easier for them to set up business processes.

2. Cost optimization: Real-time information on traffic routes and flows, transportation status and other data (traffic accidents, weather, traffic conditions, etc.) gives a comprehensive view of the value chain needed to help businesses Leaders have a plan to optimize the costs of the business.

3. Improve business performance: Technology data is analyzed and processed for supply and demand management, thereby making judgments and strategies to improve business performance.

4. Reduce infrastructure investment costs: Full data management in the cloud is simple to use, quick and accurate data retrieval, this makes it easier for small businesses because they do not have to invest in a large IT logistics infrastructure like before. .


Data is the most valuable commodity???

Which of your items do you think is the most valuable? Not a product with a high market value, but informational data. Why is data the most valuable commodity to a business?

Data is the "key" that opens all the gates to develop for a business/unit. With logistics, when traffic, weather and delivery information flows are presented, we can perform real-time route optimization, besides the data will be a golden number for operators. Online supplier gives its sales prediction numbers. Data is also a fundamental basis to help businesses increase business performance by tracking customer buying habits.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology in transportation!

The Internet of Things is made possible through sensors and programs that connect any object to the internet, providing and traceability from process to delivery. IoT has brought a revolution in logistics technology when it is possible to automate the safest movement and tracking of goods.

IOTLink Map4D – digital map for transportation industry solutions.

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