Developing the Make in Vietnam digital map platform is one of the necessary platforms to help collect and link national data, contributing to the creation of important digital applications in the development of the digital economy and society. number association.

Multi-sector, multi-field data connection solution

Digital maps can help link multi-disciplinary data layers, build synchronization strategies, thereby creating an overall picture of data running in many different application layers.

Using the "Make in Vietnam" digital map, the behavior and data of Vietnamese people will be kept safe. In addition, the product is capable of integrating many other technologies such as big data analysis, virtual reality technology, helping businesses create and promote digital transformation.

From November 2020, the Ministry of Information and Communications held the Launching Ceremony of Map4D Digital Mapping Platform, officially becoming the 32nd platform in the series of Make in Vietnam digital platforms.

He Vu Minh Tri, Vice President of IOTLink company said, besides the function of a regular digital map, Map4D GIS Platform It is also a platform that can integrate many layers of GIS data and other data types to support management solutions for urban infrastructure planning, natural resources and environment, transportation, agriculture, and tourism. …

Map4D digital maps have the ability to display and interact with 3D objects and represent 4D time dimensions. Thereby, allowing users to assess the change of status quo in the past, present and future of 3D objects on the map and ready to integrate advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence). AI) or virtual reality (VR), IoT, Machine Learning…

IOTLink's Map4D platform product won the Top 3 Award for excellent Vietnamese digital technology platform "Make in Vietnam 2021"

Pure Vietnamese platform, ensuring safety and security

Possessing outstanding advantages such as: ensuring sovereignty, availability, accuracy, initiative, integration and extensibility, Map4D Platform can be applied in many fields such as e-commerce, tourism. , construction, natural resources and environment, urban, agriculture, transportation; provides a digital platform for digital transformation, smart city construction and logistics services to optimize planning and management activities of state agencies and business development of Vietnamese enterprises.

Mr. Vu Minh Tri – Representative of IOTLink participated in the presentation at Make in Vietnam 2021

"Digital maps are the foundation of the platform for digital transformation. With the goal of making Map4D become the largest digital map platform in Vietnam, we hope to solve the problem of information safety, national security, everything of Vietnam needs to be located in Vietnam and of people. Vietnam", shared Mr. Vu Minh Tri.

According to Mr. Tri, "If we push all the databases onto the host map overseas, we will lose all the initiative with our own data. Every year, Vietnamese businesses are spending trillions of dong to foreign countries just for the problem of building services based on map applications. Typically, some businesses will have to pay Google a large amount of money - about 50 million USD to integrate the Google Maps service API, according to statistical information of the Department of Informatization, the Ministry of Information and Communications. through".

The birth of Map4D is a clear demonstration of the creative capacity of Vietnamese digital technology enterprises in general and IOTLink in particular. This is one of the Make in Vietnam digital platforms selected to introduce and sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communications in order to promote comprehensive and widespread digital transformation in the fields of economy, society, make an important contribution to achieving the goal of the National Digital Transformation program.

IOTLink's Map4D Platform product has just won the bronze award "Best Digital Platform 2021" at the National Forum for Digital Enterprise Development.

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