Map4D's basic set of APIs enables rapid development of new applications. From the 4D digital map platform, IOTlink will develop applications according to the specific characteristics of each Government organization, Enterprise and user.  

Smart sensor technology allows things to communicate with each other

What is API?

An API is a programming interface or intermediate connection method between libraries and applications, allowing them to interact, communicate, and exchange data directly with each other.

What are Map4D APIs?

Map4D APIs are simply understood as a support method, allowing any application/website to display or use services provided by Map4D through Map API. For example, Ahamove is an IOLink customer. Ahamove integrates a set of 4D digital map APIs into their app to develop applications for business needs such as route management, delivery journeys, delivery staff locations...  

Gather and analyze multiple layers of data to form valuable big data towards the Internet of Things through a sensor system

The set of APIs is highly applicable, easy to extend and develop new applications

Map4D supports conversion between VN2000 and HN72 coordinate systems through WGS84 coordinate system and vice versa. At the same time, Map4D has the ability to integrate advanced technologies to build separate data layers and use specialized display technology capable of analyzing and synthesizing data from many different layers, bringing high accuracy, easy to develop new APIs according to needs.  

Map4D . Basic APIs

Map4D digital mapping platform makes it easy for users to develop smart applications through basic APIs:
  • Route Direction: Direct
  • Route Estimated time of Arrival: Find the estimated time of the destination
  • Place Geocoding: Find address by coordinates
  • Place Auto suggest/ Autocomplete: Smart search suggestions
  • Place Search: Search address
  • Place Detail: Address information
  • Distance matrix: Provide travel time for a matrix of many points
  • Mobile Native 2D: 2D digital map on phone
  • Web 2D Maps: 2D digital map on the web
  • Mobile Native 3D Maps: 3D digital map on phone
  • Web 3D Maps: 3D digital map on the web
Map4D digital map technology solution in the era of digital transformation.

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